Risks that Come with a ZPIC Audit

ZPIC audits

A ZPIC audit is conducted to ensure that you and your staff follow proper guidelines and procedures. Although it might sound simple enough, the ZPIC audit process can be complex and overwhelming. This is primarily because the guidelines and procedures that govern Medicare and programs like it are ever-changing and submerged in small details that can mean everything when it comes right down to it. Because of the risks that can come with an audit, it’s crucial that you understand what’s at stake. These are some of the risks that come with a ZPIC audit.

Fines and Fees

When it comes to any type of government inspection, you can be sure that fines and fees will be involved. For the government, it is a measure taken to prevent carelessness with sensitive information and policies. Minor infractions can lead to costly recoveries, but fines and fees (as long as they aren’t so extensive as to break the bank) are often the least of your worries after a ZPIC audit.

Criminal Charges

You could face an even greater risk of criminal charges. Government entities do recognize that mistakes can be made and understand that neither machines nor humans are infallible. At the same time, they also recognize a difference between a mistake and deliberate misuse of information and funds. That difference can carry a label that can result at the end of a career, your freedom, and even of life as you know it. That label is “fraud” and though it doesn’t happen often, it has been applied in times when a legitimate mistake was made.

Protection from the Risks of an Audit

The best thing you can do to protect yourself and your facility are to follow all guidelines precisely and document every facet of the process. This includes everything from identification and insurance cards to staff notes and photographs of the injury or issue at hand. The more documentation you have, the less likely you are to overlook an important point or unknowingly violate a guideline or law. Further, your documentation can be the proof you need if fraud is in question.

The risks associated with a ZPIC audit can be life-altering. To understand your specific risks and how you can remain in compliance, it’s best to have an experienced lawyer who understands the process and all the elements involved.

Avoid the Risks that Come with a ZPIC Audit

In many cases, you can’t avoid getting audited. Unfortunately, even if you think you have followed all the guidelines and have managed your business as you should, you could still be at risk of some of these consequences. A simple error can change your entire business.

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