3 Things You Can Do to Lower the Risk of a ZPIC Audit

ZPIC audits

Getting a ZPIC audit can be a taxing situation. Unfortunately, you can’t always avoid being audited. You can, however, take measures that can lower the risk of a ZPIC audit. If you find yourself part of an organization that is being audited, you and your medical practice may come out the other side unscathed. Even then, the entire process can still cause its fair share of stress. If you’d rather just avoid the trouble of a ZPIC audit altogether, there are a few extra precautions you can take that can help keep these legal problems out of your office.

Keep Your Staff Well Trained and Educated

Maybe you have an understanding of all the rules and regulations, but do your staff and coworkers To prevent someone from making a mistake due to ignorance, it’s important to make sure everyone who works with you is aware of all the procedures and requirements. “I didn’t know,” probably won’t be a good enough excuse to an audit team, and it won’t look good on you, either. Make sure your staff members are not just well-trained, but continuously updated on best practices.

Follow Up Requests for Documentation

It’s easy to ignore paperwork when it comes in, but this can also cause you problems. If you get a request for any kind of documentation, it’s best not to put it off or ignore it. Keep paperwork and certificates up-to-date, so you’re prepared if you’re ever asked to present them. You’re less likely to be selected for an audit if you’re honest and prompt with requests for information and documents.

Self-Assess Your Organization

A great way to avoid being audited is simply to audit yourself. Keep an eye out for updates in regulations, make sure your Compliance Plan fits the bill, and if anything is out of place try to fix it as soon as possible. By keeping yourself and your staff in check, you could avoid getting audited in at all. Waiting until you get an audit letter to take a look at your organization’s practices is a recipe for disaster. Keep yourself organized now, and you’ll be well-equipped if you ever end up scheduled for an audit.

No one wants to have to deal with the frustrations of an audit. If you’re a medical provider, protecting your practice is probably high on your list of priorities. By taking these steps to keep the process at a distance, you can avoid stress for yourself and the people who work with you.

An Experienced Attorney Can Help with Your ZPIC Audit

If you do find yourself being audited despite the precautions you have taken, we can help you through the process. To learn more about defending yourself against a ZPIC audit or if you need assistance filing a ZPIC appeal, contact the attorneys at Oberheiden, P.C. For a free and confidential consultation, call (888) 727-5159 or complete our online contact form today.